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The Game


The C2Learn digital game environment is an open-world “sandbox’’ (non-linear) virtual space, where learners engage in creative problem-finding and creative problem solving, playful exploration, game player to game player problem solving, and game player-machine problem solving. In this digital game, there is no pre-set, prescribed learning or thinking path. Players can freely explore ideas, concepts, and the ‘shared’ knowledge available on the semantic web and the virtual communities in which they participate. As they explore, the system ‘learns’ through the players’ activity, proposing resources and non-linear routes that they may wish to exploit in their creative adventure. 

The C2Learn technological approach is based on mixed-initiative (user-user and user-machine) game content co-creation procedures that rely on computational models of game player experience.The game environment features novel procedural content generation algorithms to create new and unseen problems that the players may choose to identify and solve, and game player experience modelling that will allow both game and educators better to understand the players and their reasoning and learning styles. Rather than relying on a series of preset problems and challenges based on players’ previous actions in the virtual game environment, this approach affords to generate potential playful experiences surrounding creative problem solving and non-linear thinking tasks.