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The Tools


The C2Learn computational tools are embedded in the gaming experience and construct an animated environment enabling the user to learn ‘mechanisms’ of creative thinking. 

The C2Learn tools palette includes tools to support semantic reasoning, by providing users with alternate interpretations of an in-game state and concepts related to their problem; by allowing users to brainstorm, organise and share their thoughts in a collaboratively constructed meaningful mind map; by retrieving and analysing relevant web content and using summarisation methods to offer to the players a brief cohesive description of the available information; and finally, by familiarising the players with the thinking mechanisms of abstraction, generalisation and pattern matching through semantic clustering.

Further, the C2Learn tools palette includes tools to support diagrammatic reasoning, by providing assistance to users in order to retrieve diagrammatic and pictorial web content related to a problem; by enabling the collaborative formation of diagrams and pictorial problem abstractions; and, finally, by providing assistance to in-game problems in a diagrammatic way. 

Finally, the C2Learn tools palette includes tools to support emotive reasoning, that assist the users in predicting, determining and interpreting the emotive impact of their in-game actions on other players and on non-player characters, by showcasing alterations on the behavioural patterns after in-game actions; by associating the emotive states of the participants with facts caused or derived from in-game actions; and, finally, by providing an automated argumentation for the emotive state caused to others by in-game actions. In addition, C2Learn emotive reasoning tools, eanble users, by carrying out non-linear searches for emotive solutions to a problem, to collect a range of alternate responses which are reported in relation to situations that generated the same feelings as the problem case.