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Final C2Learn workshop: A lively event on creativity, games and learning

In the last three years, we have been working on the crossroads of creativity, learning, and games. We have developed innovative tools, games, and methodologies which we believe can foster creativity and creative thinking in both formal and informal learning settings. This has been an exciting, challenging, very creative enterprise.

Now that we are reaching the end of the C2Learn project, we would like to take a last opportunity to share with others our excitement, the outcomes of our work, and the knowledge we have gained in our creative voyage.

We are warmly inviting people who have worked in the wider fields of creativity and creative thinking, game-based learning and/or more broadly technology enhanced learning, to join us in Athens on 30th October 2015.

From 10:00 to 15:00 on that day, we, participants of this last C2Learn workshop, will be presenting and discussing experiences and outcomes from our projects, current understandings and emerging new insights into our conceptual and methodological spaces, challenges we have had to address on the way, as well as further opportunities for new roads ahead in the near future.

It will not be just us, project people. We are working actively on attracting and involving stakeholders – end users and various public and private sector players in the contemporary diverse landscapes of learning and teaching. Overall, our driving aim is visibility to all those who would be interested to find out more about our work and the possibilities for its exploitation.

We are preparing the workshop in ways that we believe will offer every participant a memorable, rewarding and inspiring experience enabled through lively activities of presentation, demonstration, reflection, and vision-building.
We hope that you, or a colleague or partner of yours, will be able to join us. Find out about C2Learn and others’ work, but also use this opportunity to disseminate your own work, and join discussions on next steps towards future cross-fertilizing collaborations.

Interested participants will be offered the opportunity to submit their work for inclusion in an international book which we are planning to edit on creativity, learning and games, and which is expected to come out in summer 2016.
More information on the shape and content of the event will become available in the following days. Please check for updates.