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Looking back at the second year of c2learn: community building in Greece

People directly reached included:
• 16 children attending a weekly summer programme in the Natural History Museum of Crete, as well as their parents and the museum educators and museum management staff
• 22 children and teenagers attending the “Paidiki Exochi” Camp of the Hersonissos Municipality at Kokkini Chani, Hersonnisos, in the district of Heraklion, as well as members of staff of the camp (most of them physical education teachers), and the councilor of Hersonissos in charge of the camp and education matters
• 18 children and teenagers attending the “Exerevnites” Summer Camp in Panormos in the wider area of Rethymnon, as well as educators-members of the camp staff
• Staff and students from the Department of Physics in the University of Crete, who have expressed a strong interest in exploring the possibilities offered by C2Learn playful activity for fostering creative thinking in the context of university study
• The Municipality of Rethymnon and in particular the vice-mayor in charge of education matters, and the Municipality of Heraklion and in particular councilors in charge of education matters, as well as a number of local institutions and educators interested in creativity in learning, including school communities and informal learning places in the wider areas of the two cities.
• The local branch of the Praxis HELP-FORWARD Network ( established in the Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas ( The network has expressed a strong interest in helping in the exploitation of the results of the C2Learn project, as part of its strategy for linking research & industry, promoting innovation & entrepreneurship, and fostering transnational cooperation.
• The Research and Development Department of Forthnet, a telecommunications and digital services group of companies. The project has established a link of close collaboration and exchange with the researchers involved in COLLAGE, a very successful past project on mobile game-based informal learning, with a view on combining efforts for the exploitation of the project results especially in connection with informal learning in places such as archeological sites and museums.
This concentrated effort has resulted in a growing community of stakeholders in the areas of Heraklion and Rethymnon who have declared a strong interest in contributing to C2Learn pilots in 2015 as volunteers and more generally in exploiting the project results.