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C2Learn @ FDG 2014

The paper of consortium members G. N. Yannakakis, A. Liapis and C. Alexopoulos on "Mixed-Initiative Co-creativity" was presented at the Foundations of Digital Games Conference in April 2014. The paper suggests that mixed-initiative tools such as those developed by the C2Learn project not only allow for the co-creation of artifacts (such as characters, levels or concepts) but also can allow for co-creativity between computer and human to emerge. The paper discusses how the contribution of a proactive computational designer, artist or assistant can facilitate lateral thinking, and particularly diagrammatic lateral thinking in the case of graphic user interfaces. Finally, the paper makes an elaborate argument for the impact of computational input on the design process and suggests several methods for evaluating this impact.

Moreover, C2Learn consortium member Mirjam Palosaari Eladhari participated at the Foundations of Digital Games panel on "Game AI: The Undiscovered Country" where she presented the impact of Artificial Intelligence in co-creative games. The goals and current state of the C2Learn project were extensively presented, in particular the storytelling game 4Scribes.