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...and our teacher training activities on games and creativity in learning continue!

Teacher colleagues across Europe, be alert!

Erasmus+, the brand-new EU programme for Education, Training, Youth, and Sport (2014-2020) has a special focus on teachers’ professional development! Up to last year, the Comenius Training grants offered some good opportunities for individual teachers to attend training courses, such as our 2013 summer school in Crete. From now on, Erasmus+, which has just replaced the old Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP), really multiplies these opportunities. Never before has there been so much EU support for teachers' professional development through mobility in Europe!

The C2Learn project will continue inviting teachers from around Europe to playfully explore games and creativity in learning in training activities organised by our C2Learn Teacher Academy.

Another part of the good news about Erasmus+ is that, because of a new programme starting, you can re-apply this year even if you have applied and been funded in the past!

There is a big difference from now on, however: Applications are not submitted by individual teachers anymore. They are submitted by schools.

So, your school needs to apply for you, as well as for any other of your colleagues, including your interest in training on games and creativity in learning in its own ‘European Development Plan’.

This process may be demanding and difficult for schools. Therefore, we will be happy to guide you through the process. The deadline for this year’s application is on 17 March 2014. * EXTENDED to 24th March 2014.

For up-to-date information about Erasmus+ please check the Programme's website. Your school will need to apply to your country’s National Agency, who is also the one who will evaluate the proposal. Therefore, your National Agency is also a very good point to start for more information.

In the Programme Guide, for the part that we are discussing here (“KA1 - Learning Mobility of Individuals”, and in particular “School education staff mobility”) just go to pages 55-59 and 221-223, and you will have all you need to know.

For more help, don’t hesitate to ask us!

We consider collaboration with teachers from around Europe a very important asset of our work. Therefore, we are very willing to help as many colleagues as possible to take advantage of these unprecedented opportunities for teachers to improve their professional life by traveling and collaborating with other teachers in Europe.

Please, spread the word among colleagues!