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Austrian Ministry of Education and Culture (BMUKK)

BMUKK is the Austrian Ministry of Education and Culture. Its Department of IT Systems for Educational Purposes is collaborating, organising, supporting and managing: soft- and hardware planning, support for classes and thematic educational issues, change agent functions for IT, IT & Gender, new technologies and MM applications for the use in education, ergonomics, evaluation and documentation of professional literature, SW issue for humanities. The main plattform is ViS:AT - Virtual School Austria, which ensures quality of resources for kids, youngsters, teachers and adults on the Internet. BMUKK collaborates with: all types of schools in Austria and EU; universities; colleges; teacher training institutions; companies, museums, NGOs, NPOs, etc.  BMUKK is providing e-training services to teachers in formal, informal and non-formal self-regulated education with New Technologies. Thus, it brings in its rich expertise and experiences in the areas of education, educational technologies, and introduction and support of innovation in schools. In the C2Learn project BMUKK acts as a link to local school communities and stakeholders in Austria, making its very extensive network of schools and teachers available to the project. It also has a pivotal role for the promotion of the project outcomes in the communities of educational policy makers in Europe, and more generally for the exploitation of the project results by education.